Practical Guidance and Safety Measures for Practicing asanas

the requisites


Before staring to practice asana the bladder should be emptied and the bowels evacuated.


Asana come easier after taking bath. Taking bath or a shower before and after practicing asanas refreshes the body and mind.


Asana should preferably be done on an empty stomach. If that is difficult cup of tea or coffee or milk may be taken. Allow at least four hours to elapse after heavy meals before starting the practice. Food my be taken 30 minutes after completing asanas.


The best time to practice is either early morning or late in the evening. Practice in the morning makes one work better in one’s vocation. In the evening it removes fatigue of the day’s strain and makes one fresh and calm.


They should be done in a clean dry airy place free from noise. Do not do them on uneven surfaces.


In all asanas breathing should be done through nostrils only and not through mouth. Do not strain the breath while in the process of asana or while staying in it.


During the practice of asanas it is the body alone which should be active while the brain should remain passive, watchful and alert. If they are done with the brain then you will not be able to see your own mistakes.


Perform Savasana for 15 mins after completing asana as this will remove fatigue.


All the asanas can be practised during the first three months of pregnancy. All the standing poses and the forward bending asanas may be done with mild movements. No pressure should be felt on the abdomen.

After Delivery

No asana should be done during the first month after delivery. Thereafter they may be practised mildly. Three months after delivery all asana may be practised with comfort.

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