The instant we sit for mediation trying to bring our attention on our breath. In that very moment all our worries are left behind and experience begins. Every time we sit for meditation we are doing the most crucial task for every human being that is spending time with yourself reflecting within, introspecting for answers.

Praying is talking to the Universe
Meditation is listening to it.

Paulo Coelho


The beast way to calm your mind and prepare it for meditation is to focus on breathing, just observe it. Your breath is an indicator of your mental state. Once you learn to observe it you can change your mood by changing your breath. Some people prefer to read a book or go for a walk to calm their mind. There are multiple ways to prepare your body for meditation. Make sure before meditating your should be free from anger, lust, tension, joyfulness and so forth. These are strong emotions and can hamper your meditation, we should remember that if these emotions arise our meditation will suffer if we indulge ourselves in them.


There is no specific time to meditate you can do it as per your preference you do it

In morning to start your day with meditation as it is a great way to clear your mind to enhance your ability to remain focused throughout the day.

In afternoon it is a good alternative for nap as it saves time. Just 20 mins of meditation in afternoon is equivalent of 2 hours of sleep.

At night before sleeping will improve your sleep quality and reduces tension.

Now it is upto you which time is best for you. Most important is to meditate!


I would suggest to dedicate a proper place to meditate do not mix your meditation place with your sleeping or workout place. We mentally assign habits to a particular location. If you have ever walked into your kitchen, seen a plate of cookies on the counter, and eaten them just because they are there in front of you, then you understand the power of location on our behavior. This means that all of the current places that you’re familiar with your home, your office, etc. already have behaviors, habits, and routines assigned to them. If you want to build new habits in these familiar locations, then you need to overcome the cues that your brain has already assigned to that area. Meanwhile, building a new habit in a new location is like having a blank slate. You don’t have to overcome any pre-existing triggers.


Initially while starting I would recommend to perform meditation in comfortable sitting position it could be done in Padmasana or Sukhasana. Later on you could also perform Shavasana. As meditation is soporific activity it said to do in sitting position so they don’t fall asleep. After 4 to 5 months you could start practicing by lying down.


Having discussed all the key elements in meditation I believe this post will help you on your meditation journey. What topic should post next, let me know in the comments.